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Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

About The Product: A supplement to assist in eradicating symptoms of gallstones, impurities in the liver and gall ducts.

Dosage:  Adult: 6 capsules to be taken in the morning and 6 capsules in the evening after meal. Age below 20: To be taken once a day, 6 capsules in the morning after meal. If  taken on empty stomach, an uncomfortable feeling around the stomach lasting about 10 minutes due to medication acting on the symptom.  Drink warm beverage to stabilize or overcome the uncomfortable effect.

Things To Avoid: Cold drinks, beer and tea during medication. Fruits such as watermelon and oranges.

Patient Will Experience: Ease constipation, loosen the stools, color of stools dark brownish black and color of urine yellowish brown. Improve in appetite.

Duration Of Supplement: Not serious case: 1  to 2 Bottles.

Question: Can I take this product even if I am not suffering from the above symptoms? Answer: Yes. It cleanses your body system as well as impurities from the blood system such as too much bile salt thus improve cleaner blood.

What They Say ...

Take Note: A clean liver provides toxic free blood to all parts of the body and also stores up glycogen (sugar) for emergency need. A person with healthy liver looks fresh, alert and lives a longer life.

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