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Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

About The Product: A supplement to assist in conceiving and improve blood circulation.

Dosage:  10 tablets to be taken continuously right after menstruation stop.

Things To Avoid: Cold drinks, beer and tea during medication. Fruits such as watermelon and oranges. Do not donate blood during course of treatment or when conceiving.

Patient Will Experience: Bodily Warm. Better appetite. Reduce body aches and pain. During the first month of treatment, this medication will improve blood circulation, warmth the womb, align and treats any disorder to the womb and in rare occasion will the mum-to-be gets pregnant on first treatment. The 1st treatment is the adjustment period. Continue with medication after 1st month's menstruation until womb is "ready'" to welcome pregnancy. Maintain sexual activities during ovulation period is important to improve the chances of conceiving.

Duration Of Supplement: 10 days per treatment.

Symptoms: If you experience irregular periods. Short period of menstruation resulting in between 1 to 3 days. Women who feels weak frequently. (Medication will not work well to women who have damage or diseases to their womb. Get the diseases treated first).

Question: Can I take this product even if I am not suffering from the above symptoms? Answer: Yes. It improve your blood circulatory system and warmth your body system. Also, chances of getting pregnant is very high, if  you do not use any protection.

Question: I've had my menopause and wish to maintain good health. Can I take this product?
Yes. It improves blood circulation and warmth your body and joints. Is good for golden aged ladies. Take on half dosage every alternate days.

What They Say ...

Take Note: A healthy womb is like a cozy home. Besides healthy, it stay sterile, warm and free from germs. Should an ovum be fertilized, chances of it to stay in the womb is very high.  

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