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Welcome To Chinese Sinseh


About The Product: A supplement to overcome symptoms of stunted growth / short stature or slow growth for children below age 18 or over as long as the epiphyses have not fused.

Dosage:  Once every 3 months. 

Things To Avoid: Cold drinks during medication. Do not donate blood during course of treatment.

Patient Will Experience: As normal but growth will take effect within the next 6 months period. Patient will also experience an increase in appetite.

Effect Of Supplement: Takes between 6 months to 8 months. It varies from individual to individual. It also depends on a person's diet, habits and must maintain physical exercise to assist in stimulating growth factor and avoid cold drinks.

Preparation: This medication is prescribed in its raw herbal form. Patients has the opportunity to prepare the herbs for consumption on a 'self-preparation' basis where instruction are given on a step by step manner.

Question: Can I take this product even if I am not suffering form the above symptoms? Answer: Yes. It improve your height if your growth hormone is still in production.

Question: I'm born stunted (dwarf-like), does this treatment help?
If you are not  genetically a dwarf then it does help. Other factors may contribute to slow growth. No harm trying. If you are born with bone defect then it does not help much.

What They Say ...

Take Note: This medication stimulates the production of healthy blood, increases appetite and promotes growth signal to the pituitary gland and stimulate other endocrine glands. It provides 'Qi Energy'  to the Heart, Spleen, stimulate more protein hormone erythropoietin to produce more haemoglobin. Increase function of the gastrointestinal tract for proper absorption of nutrients thus assisting the growth factor.

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Disclaimer Note:
Above product is a supplement and does not necessarily be a cure. If symptom arises, please consult your doctor or physician. The diagram above shows a sample of herbal combination and may not necessary be a complete combination. Do not attempt to copy the formulation. Consult your physician for the complete herbal combination.