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Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

About The Product: Unable to produce healthy sperm or low sperm during ejaculation.

Dosage:  1 tablet to be taken every 2 days once.

Things To Avoid: Cold drinks, beer and tea during medication. Fruits such as watermelon and oranges. Do not take medication if you are having a fever. May resume once fever is over.

Patient Will Experience: Warm. Improve appetite. Reduce body aches and pain. This medication will improve blood circulation, warmth and invigorate the sexual organ.

Duration Of Supplement: 10 tablets per treatment each month or when required.

Symptoms: Weak sperm or low sperm during ejaculation. Experiencing erectile dysfunction. Penis fail to perform as expected ie. short erection.

Question: Can I take this product even if I am not suffering from the above symptoms? Answer: Yes. It improve your blood circulatory system and warmth your body system.

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