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Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

I was diagnosed having kidney stones in both kidneys and although my doctor had suggested a surgery, I was too scared to go through it. Each time when the pain comes I would get a pain killer jab. My neighbor suggested that I should try herbal treatment which he had taken a couple of months back and up to the present day, he has never complain of any pain. I was reluctant as I had no experience in herbal product and prefer to seek the usual treatment. Then one afternoon, I felt a very sharp pain on my left kidney and it continued till the late evening. I was crying in pain and immediately seek my doctor's help. Immediately he made an appointment and told me that I have to be operated the next day. I went home and seek my neighbors' help regarding the herbal treatment as I was to afraid to go through with the operation. Immediately he gave me 6 capsules and to my surprise, after an hour later, the pain gradually subsided and within 3 hours, I felt most of the pain had gone. I placed an order and continued with the herbal treatment for 2 months. During the course of the treatment, I even collected fine particles discharged each time I ease myself. I went for a scan after the 3rd month and was surprised when my doctor told me there is no image of stones in both my kidneys. All this happen in year 1998 and I feel fine up till this present day. Hj Mohtar - Dec 2005.

My eldest son seldom exercise due to his tight work schedule. His energy is low and tires easily. I gave him Ginseng capsules and I find that he is more energetic instead of yawning every now and then.

I have been trying to conceive for more than 6 years after my marriage and despite having invested quite a lump sum seeing many doctors for solution, the results was a failure until a friend introduced this herbal treatment to me. I have altogether 2 healthy kids now.

I was introduced to this herbal treatment for kidney stones by a friend. Although I had surgery done twice to remove stones in my kidney, never had I thought it would happen again after the first surgery. When I felt pain around my back, I was surprised when my doctor told me I was diagnosed having kidney stones and the thought of going for the 3rd operation really worry me and my family as my age is already 72. I immediately placed an order and after receiving the product, I took it as directed. After 1 month of taking the herbal product, I felt something blocking my urinary duct while trying to ease myself. I gave a hard force and to my surprise a small stone was push out and from that day onwards, I have never felt so satisfying easing each time I go to the toilet.

I learnt from a friend who had been cured by herbal treatment. As my dad was already 76 years old, we were afraid to had him undergo an operation to remove stones in both his kidney. His appetite was poor and he looks frail and having an operation is definitely too risky so I decided to get alternative solution. Just after 1 week treatment, my dads' movement and appetite improved. The fine stones were discharged after 2 months of treatment and when he went for the scan, there was no presence of stones. The treatment is a miracle. Now my dad moves around on his own and he is really a happy man.

My doctor told me I need surgery and it would cost me quite a sum. I learn about this treatment from someone and decided to give it a try. To make my story short, I am very happy with the product and it really works!

When I learnt from my dad that there is a herbal treatment for conceiving I decided to give it a try as I have been trying to conceive for 3 years without success. Guess what? I going to celebrate my baby's 2nd birthday this coming June 2006.

I have been going for dialysis treatment for the past 5 years at 3 times weekly. After taking the product for 2 months, I am now on once weekly treatment.

At first I was reluctant to try herbal treatment but as I was afraid of surgery, my wife beg me to try alternative treatment and if it does not work, then surgery would be the only option. Well, alternative treatment was the solution to my problem. All in all I took 2 months treatment. The pain is gone and my doctor told me the scan shows no presence of stones in my kidneys.

I have experienced weakness and was too shy to consult my physician. After taking the men's product, I am satisfied with the result.

My dad is 68 years old and was suffering from pain in both kidney area. As he was afraid of an operation, I decided to let him try some herbal capsules to treat his suffering pain.. Just after 1 week treatment, he experience less pain and after 3 weeks, he experience discharged of small particles continuously for 1 week. Now, the doctor told my dad the x-ray result shows no presence of stones.

Me and my husband had decided to start a family after 3 years of marriage and all this while I was on contraceptive pill. Despite trying for more than a year, I failed to conceive and this disappointed my husband and we started blaming each other for impotency. A colleague of mine then introduce me to this product to assist conceiving and also impotency product for men. We tried it out and after the 4th month, I had my first pregnancy experience. We are now having a chubby year old baby. It really change our life.

I was having end-renal failure for 9 years and am awaiting public fund to have a kidney transplant. The cost is more than US$25,000 and it is already 2 years waiting. I came to learn about this product and was sponsored to try. Just imagine after 2 weeks of medication, I finally had some discharge of urine although it was a little, that was the best experience as I had not been able to urine for the past 7 years. After 3 months of medication, my urine flow is natural now and I am doing dialysis once a week instead of thrice. - Bong Yik Soon ( seek donation ). -  Kuching, Sarawak.

My friends shun on me when they saw the 'lumps' on my hand and many of them thought I was on drug. I was once fair and I never knew that after going for dialysis treatment, my skin texture became darker, my lips became darker and I really looked like a drug addict. I was lucky to stumble upon this product and after 3 months of treatment, not only have I reduced my dialysis treatment to twice per week, my skin texture is lighter and my lips is back to normal color. Of course I still put on long sleeves but I have made more new friends.

15 years ago,
I was introduced to Master Sinseh's treatment for kidney stones. After 1 month's medication, I urinated some fine stones. Last month I did a scan and was told I had stones in my kidney again. I seek Sinseh's treatment and again, I urinated some fine stones. I did a scan and it shows no presence of stones - Mr Goh.

Our baby boy is 2 months+ old. -
July '07 - Mr. H Aji.

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