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Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

Note: The risk of infection due to blood transfusion and millions are going through this 'life sentence illness' throughout the world.

This Is What Kidney Patients Go Through In Their Life

4 to 5 Hours sitting down doing nothing while waiting for the machine to clean their blood.  Risk having contaminated blood while undergoing blood transfusion. After treatment is completed, patients need to take 'Vitamin' jab to replace the ones loss during dialysis. Repeat the process 3 times a week, 156 days in a year, 624 hours enduring dialysis treatment, the endless amount of money required.

Untold sufferings and uncertain future.

Note: Cyclosporine is derived from a Norwegian fungus known as Tolypocladium Inflatum, whereby after going through laboratory extraction process, the resulting drug is capable of suppressing the action of the body's immune system in rejecting foreign tissues normally following  an organ transplant operations. It's effective in blocking and suppressing the replication of lymphocytes in the immune system which otherwise would attack the tissues of the transplanted organs.

Note: An estimated RM100,000 is required for kidney transplant, excluding monthly RM1,000 to RM3,000 for medication. For the patient above, he is fortunate as his employer pays for medication but once he is no more in service, he would have to pay for his medication for the rest of his life. Patients tends to loose the kidney once they stop the anti-rejection drug. The question is "How long more can one sustain the cost involved"? It is only a matter of time!

Other Risks

Risks of either developing hypertension, diabetes or both. For further details, logged onto the websites as given above.

Now, with the knowledge that herbal treatment is available, one need not have  to go through the above process anymore.


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