Welcome To Chinese Sinseh


Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

Liteng - Chinese hand held weighing scale.

The Liteng is a very accurate weighing machine just like the bigger handheld weighing machine use by Chinese traders. The only difference is that the Liteng is used for weighing herbs, roots and smaller items such as pearl, gold flake and powder. The Chinese Sinseh prescribe herbs (arm forces) according to its weight (power) which will determine its strength.

The combination of various herbs is equivalent to Sun Tze (Sinseh) gathering his army (herbs) according to the plan (prescription) to combat infiltrator (diseases).

The above herbs are group together as a fighting force where the herbs
also consists of an Army General, Head of Staff, Infantry and an Envoy.

Once the prepared herbs is introduced into the human body, the 'allied forces' will automatically unite with the body defense system to fight off any diseases or illness that resides in the body.   

The smallest weight unit of the Liteng is 1 Li, and the conversion is calculated as shown below:

1 Li is the smallest weight unit equivalent to 0.038 gram.
10 Li = 1 Hoon = 0.38 gram.
10 Hoon = 1 Chi = 3.8 gram.
10 Chi = 1 Tahil  = 38 Grams
16 Tahils = 1 Kati = 0.60 Kilogram.

Therefore the distribution (weight) of forces (herbs) strength (herbal composition) will determine success or failure.  

For the experience Sinseh, the war is considered won the moment he prescribe the herbs.


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