Welcome To Chinese Sinseh


Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

Picture of Giant Cutter.

The giant cutter, true to its name, was also an important tools back in the olden days and is also commonly used by Chinese Physicians of today who opt not to use machine which is costly and maintenance is high. As the demand for herbs is high, the Sinseh's apprentice has to go through hours of cutting twigs, grass roots and herbs into smaller pieces for daily usage. Although it may look easy but it is really a tough assignment. Below are sample of herbs, roots, barks, shoots and leaves that goes under the giant cutter. 

Pienzichow herb.
Gold coin grass herb.
Gold Coin Grass
Moot thoon chow herb.
Moot Thoon Chow
Sert wei chow herb.

Sertweichow 石葦草

Karn chow herb.

Kan Chow 甘草

Du Zhong herb.

Du Zhong 杜仲

Cher qian chow herb.

Cher Qian Chow 車前草

zhi mite chow herb.

Zhimitechow 祈麥草

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