Welcome To Chinese Sinseh


Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

The name of Seo's Ancestral Home is called "Khee Heng 衢享" and built during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). Located at Hale Pek (Village), Taipo (State), Canton (Province), China (Country), 中國廣東省大埔縣百侯鎮侯北鄉 

During that period China was ruled by Emperor Shizu, better known as Kublai Khan (1215-1294) a grandson of Genghis Khan. From 1252 to 1259 he aided his brother Mangu Khan in the conquest of southern China, penetrating successfully as far as Tibet and Tonkin. Kublai Khan took over from his brother upon his death in 1259. In 1264 he founded his capital on the site now occupied by Beijing, it was called Khanbalik. Kublai Khan was an enterprising politician who brought about good governance to ensure security and improve livelihood to the people. He exert effort to restore economic development to raise standard of living and during his rule, the Yuan Dynasty grew to be one of the most developed countries in the world. Because of good administration, the people worked hard and enjoyed a prosperous life and were well rewarded thus the Seo's ancestor managed to build this wonderful fortified home which is called "Khee Heng" and up till this day, this home still stand solid as it was more than 600 years ago after having gone through Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Republic of China (1912-1949) and People's Republic of China (1949 till present time). Standing in front of Khee Heng is Master Sinseh Seo (middle) and on his right is his brothers Khik Kheong and Khik Pao (left).

This is the home where Master Sinseh Seo, his two brothers and sister were brought up. This was also the home where past generations learnt the ancient art of healing by mastering the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Being close to nature, surrounded by mountains and streams, the generations were blessed with many raw herbal plants grown within their surroundings and opportunity to learn was within their grasp.

Map Of Hale Pek
This Map Was Drawn By Grandmaster S.B. Seo

Real Life Photo Scenery of North View
Overlooking Hale Pek

Scenery of South View

Main Entrance of Khee Heng

Entrance To Home Of Grandmaster S.B. Seo
(Many homes are built inside Khee Heng)

Family Photo Taken Inside
Home Of Grandmaster S.B.Seo

That's Me, Yuen Seo.
Photo Taken At Entrance Of Memorial Hall

Courtyard Inside Khee Heng

 Master Sinseh Seo
Offering Respect To His Grandfather C.W.Seo

Tombstone Located On The Hilltop Overlooking Hale Pek.

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