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Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

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Sinseh K.S. Seo 蕭克瑞(22nd Generation) born in 1931, had his earlier education in Shantao, a province of Kwangtung. As a youth, he learn the ancient art of herbal treatment from his father, Sinseh S.B. Seo 蕭尚武(21st Generation), a prominent Sinseh whom he too inherited from his Father, Sinseh C.W. Seo (20th Generation) whose parents and grandparents were also physicians of the Qing Dynasty Imperial Court. Back in olden days and even in modern time, the family's secrets of treatment is only past down to the sons and the younger generations are trained under the watchful eyes of their parents and grandparents. Most of them started treating their patients at a later stage of their youth after years of apprenticeship. As herbs are used the treatment is therefore safe as it contains no toxic or steroid in its preparation.  

The most popular treatment were patients suffering from kidneystones, gallstones, infections to the liver, impotency, difficulty in conceiving, stunted (shorty), bald and hair strengthening treatment and selection of baby's sex  before conceiving. Other major treatment includes corrective functioning of the pancreas to treat diabetes as well as to prevent occurrence of diabetes which has caused many sufferings. Therefore the duty of the Sinseh is to find a solution to ensure the organs in the body are working in harmony. His duty is therefore similar to the great military advisor, Sun Tze, who ensured the Emperor (The Human Heart) rules his kingdom in good harmony. (This topic is further explained under "More Topics") When the body organ is in harmony, we will not easily fall ill. During his early life, under the apprenticeship of his father, Master Sinseh Seo had to gather herbs from nearby forest and to identify more than a thousand herbs as well as the taste. He had to differentiate herbs of yang properties and herbs of yin properties. Herbs are then further identified into sweet, bitter, sour and pungent. He was trained to identify the properties of each herbs and how to mix herbs for maximum result. As he had to prepare the mixture of herbs from the prescription, at times even having to boil the herbs. Just by the scent of the boiling herbs, he is able to tell the treatment that follows. Gradually he was taught to identify the patients' illness by 'communicating' with the patient's pulse beat. To feel the pulse, first he will place his three fingers using his right hand (index, middle and anula as shown below) on the patient's left hand, with the index finger nearest to the ridge of the thumb. The pulse beat on the Left Hand inform him about the condition of the patient's Heart, Liver and Yin Kidney. From there he is able to diagnose the patients' health problem.  It is true that a patient's pulse is worth a thousand words.


He was also taught to diagnose patients physically, facial outlook, colors of the skin etc. With the information gathered and after a few dialogues with his patients he will proceed with the prescriptions.

At this stage the Sinseh will play the pivoting role as Sun Tze - the great military strategist, whereby he will use the array of herbs as his army. His 'army' will be divided into battalions and one of the herbs will be assigned the General, one will be the envoy etc. His patients would then be told how to prepare the herbs and to carry the order as told. In order to win the war swiftly, the patients has to play their part too. The 'attack' is launched the moment the patients consume the medication. Depending on how seriousness the illness is, in normal case, patients will be recovered within 3 days! During the 2nd World War, moving about with his father, they had to endure the hardship, sufferings and torturing under the then Japanese occupations. Despite the difficult conditions, Master Sinseh Seo together with his father  unselfishly continued to treat many patients with limited resources and at times under secrecy and without Red Tape as lives of patients are at stake. Master Sinseh Seo has since treated thousands of patients with high success rate without patients having to go through surgery. Even in modern time, Master Sinseh is well-known for treating problems such as end-renal problems, gall and liver problems with many not having to go through the sufferings of dialysis treatments or surgery. This valuable knowledge on the ancient art of treatment is however pass on to the next generation as a cycle. With the presence of World Wide Web, now anyone at any corner of the world can seek this authentic ancient art of treatment with just a click away. Besides treatment our readers can also benefit from the topics on Chinese cultures, beliefs, religions and things that surround the Chinese's daily on going life, their past and present.

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